Exsterior Modifications
Hot Rod Flames on the hood, quarters, and doors, Painted in "House Of Colors" Tangelo,.Suncoast, and Orange Peel. Then a hand painted lime green pin stripe was added along with drop shadowing. Paint by KC-Customs in Santa Rosa, CA.
Since my tires stuck out past the fenders I chose to add some fender flares and I added the Bushwacker exstenda-fender flares, they are made of black ABS Plastic and are molded to fit they can also be painted to match the truck color but I liked them black. They are mounted by using aluminum pop rivets installed under the wheel well and have a rubber trim that keeps them from scratching the painted surface of the viechle. They are easy to install but you do have to cut the body side molding back about an inch.
I had a Reflexion cowl induction hood and a custom paint job added in April of 2002. The work was done by KC Customs in Santa Rosa, CA and they did an outstanding job the pictures here don't do it justice they used the traditional 60's style flames but reversed the color scheme do to the dark color of the truck then pinstriped it with green and finished it off with drop shadowing.
I started modifying the exterior of my truck almost immediately after I purchased it back in 1997. I was running a modified Skyjacker 4.5" Stage II in the front and have designed and built my own custom four link rear suspension with air bags. I was running 36" Parnelli Jones Dirt Grip Radials on Weld Super Singles. The bed has been sprayed with a Rhino Linning and capped of with Dee Zee Black powder coated diamond plate bed caps, and a X-Tang Black Max Tonneau cover. I also needed an easier way in so I added the Grizzly 3" double bend black powder coated nerf bars. I added the Bushwhacker extend-a fender flares since the 14.5" wide tires stuck out just slightly. One of the most notable modifications to the exterior is the Road Armor front & Rear bumpers. And then I added the Dual 5" black (stealth) stacks for sled pulling. A Reflexxion Cowl induction steel hood was added and the folks at KC Customs applied a Custom flamed paint job.

To the right  you can see what the Kanduco Sweet Tooth grill insert looks like. It gives the truck a little attitude
The Grizzly 3", double bend,.black powder coated nerf bars.
.Above are a few shots of my exhaust stacks. What I like to refer to as my "stealth stacks" as they don't stick out like most, and aren't quite as noticeable as those big chrome ones pushed out to the sides that protrude way above the cab. In sled pulling one of our rules is that the exhaust must exit straight up or straight down, most chose straight up
Road Armor rear bumper with tail light brush guards
Here is a picture of the two Optima batteries I decided to install in the front Road Armor bumper. I wanted to keep the weight up front for sled pulling so putting them under the truck on the frame wasn't an option. This also cleared the way for modifications under the hood
In an effort to lighten up the rear of the truck and shift more weight forward for sled pulling, we removed the rear road armor bumper, spare tire carrier, shocks, leaf spring perches, tailgate, and stacks. We replaced the bumper with a steel roll pan and a set of removable sled bumpers. 
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