Drive train Modifications
This is the South Bend  Clutch (SBC) First ever 3 disc slipper clutch with extreme pedal effort @ 4200# plate load & 12 feramic buttons per disc. Recommended for extreme sled pulling. SBC clutch components are made of steel. The center plate is lugged to fit the flywheel, and all flywheels have a bronze / feramic insert that is removable which allows SBC to replace the insert. This Clutch is also SFI rated and meets the Diesel Hot Rod Assoc (DHRA) Requirements.

You need a pretty stout drive train to go sled pulling, especially if you have some serious horsepower modifications. I have the stock transmission which is a 5 speed manual, NVG-4500 Heavy Duty, and added a triple disc competition slipper clutch and 1 3/8" input shaft from South Bend Clutch. The NVG-241 transfer case has been swapped out for a much larger NP-271, The drive shaft has been upgraded from the stock 1410 series universal joints and yokes to the much larger 1480 series. The stock carrier bearing has been replaced with a much larger International carrier bearing as well. The stock axles in Dana 60 front are still being used, while the rear axles in the Dana 80 have been upgraded to the Haisley Machine HD 37 spline w/driver hubs. both the front and rear axles are locked with ARB lockers. The front also has a Posi-Loc  which replaces the CAD system. I also have an AGR Stage II steering box and a Borgeson needle bearing steering shaft.  
1 3/8" input shaft upgrade
The ARB 30 spline, 4:10 gear Locker installed in the front Dana 60.
The stock CAD system removed and the Posi-Loc installed
Posi-Loc in cab controler
This is a picture of the NP-271 Transfer case I had built. Since I didn't need the vacuum conection on top (becuase of the Posi-Loc install below) we deleted it all together, this also allowed us to install a Ford shift plate inside instead of the Dodge one as the newer Dodges have a different gear pattern then my 97 model so the gear patern is the same. I also had it built with the flange on the rear and got rid of the slip yoke set up. It was a tight fit and I had to exstend the already exsisting opening in the frame by about 1" just for clearence comfort. Other then that she bolted right up.
ARB Locker installed in the rear Dana 80, here is quick picture here before we button her up and add oil.
All buttoned up, oil added, airline ran from the compressor, and she is ready for testing.
We upgraded to the Haisley Machine and Repair (HMR) HD 37 spline axles w/driver hubs pictured on the left compaired to the stock pictured on the right.
Here are a few pictures of my custom made Drive Shaft Loops, fabricated from 6" steel pipe ¼" wall thickness. 
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